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Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP

Written By Celebrity on Minggu, 03 April 2011 | 15.28

 1.       Myta           :           Good morning.
Vanya         :           Good morning.
Myta           :           Could I borrow a dictionary , please.
Vanya         :           Sure. It's on the second shelf.
Where might the dialogue occur?
a.       At a book store
b.       At a shopping center

c.       In the library
d.       In the office

2.       Andrew       :           There is something wrong with my computer. Do you think Crown can repair it?
Mathew       :           _____ His computer is out of order too.
Andrew       :           Really
a.       No, doubt
b.       I doubt that

c.       I'm sure
d.       I'm certain

3.       Boy             :           We will spend our hoiday in Purwokerto.
Girl             :           That's a good idea. It doesn't spend much money.

What does the girl want to say?
a.       She disagrees with the boy
b.       She agrees with the boy
c.       She doesn't spend her money to Purwokerto
d.       She hates going to Purwokerto with the boy

4.       Mr. Karim    :           Oh, my goodness! What a noisy class!
Patrict ____.
Patrict                     :           All right sir .
a.       Please ask them to keep silent
b.       Go and ask them to speak up, please
c.       Tell them to talk much more loudly
d.       Please be quiet outside the classroom

5.       Shopkeeper :           What can I do for you, Mr. Smith?
Patrict                     :           ____.
Shopkeeper :           Sure. Here it is.
a.       Do you want to find a pocket dictionary?
b.       Would I bring you a good pocket dictionary?
c.       Could you find me a new good pocket dictionary?
d.       How much does a good dictionary cost?

Read the text and answer questions mumber 6 to 10.

Ø       Always place the beaters or kneading hooks in the mixer before you connect it to the mains
Ø       Never immerse or rinse the appliance in water
Ø       If the main cord of this appliance is damaged, it must be replaced by the special cord
Apply to your Phillips dealer or the Phillips organization in your country.
General description :
Ø       On/off (switch and speed selector) Ejector knob
Ø       Cord storage
Ø       Beaters
Ø       Kneading hooks
Ø       Wall holder ( with type HR 1502 ) How to use it? Insert the beaters of kneading hooks. It may be necessary to turn the beaters of kneading hooks a little while doing so (note : It is important that you insert the kneading hook with culiur making into the larger opening)
Ø       Put the ingredients in a bowl. Lower the beaters of kneading hooks into the ingredients .
Ø       Switch the mixer on refers to the table for correct speed setting
Ø       After use, depress ejector knob to release the beaters of kneading hooks.
6.       What should you do if you want to release the beaters of kneading hooks?
a.       Depress ejector knob
b.       Switch on the speed selector
c.       Connect the mixer to the mains
d.       Turn the beaters kneading hooks a little

7.       If you want to mix the ingredients together, put them in ____.
a.       a storage
b.       a bowl
c.       the mixer
d.       a container

8.       The device is guaranteed by ____.
a.       the shoopkeeper
b.       The technicians
c.       the distrbutors
d.       the Phillips dealers

9.       The text is about ____.
a.       How to make bread
b.       How to make mixer
c.       How to use the mixer
d.       The steps to make ingredients

10.   The purpose of the text is ____.
a.       to describe something specifically
b.       to amuse readers and friends
c.       to guide people to do something step by step
d.       to retell past events

Read the text and answer questions number 11 to 15.

            Once upon a time, on the coast of East Java, there lived a variety of sea animals. They lived in peace. Only an octopus, called Cumi, couldn’t get along with other sea creatures. Cumi was so cruel.
One day Cumi went to the house of a fish named Suro. He told Suro that one of ­the Crocodiles, Boyo,  had a plan to harm Suro. Suro and Boyo were best friends. That’s why Suro didn't believe Cumi.
Then Cumi went to Boyo's house and said that Suro had a plan to harm him. This time Cumi's lies was so convincing that Boyo believed Cumi.
Boyo was very angry. He got upset and swam in a hurry to Suro' s house. He attacked and wounded  him.
Suro was still calm and didn't fight back. But knowing that Boyo wouldn't stop attacking him, Suro became very brave and strong. He fought Boyo bravely until the sea turned red with their blood.
In the place where they once fought was built a city called Suroboyo. Suroboyo, therefore, means brave in danger .

11.   What is the purpose of the text?
a.       To describe Suro and Boyo
b.       To tell what Suroboyo used to be
c.       To entertain readers and friends
d.       To inform that Cumi was a cruel creature

12.   Why did Cumi go to Suro's and Boyo's house?
a.       To invite Suro to come to Boyo's house.
b.       To invite Boyo to come to suro’ s house.
c.       To invite them to have a fight in their house.
d.       To persuade them to attack each other.

13.   Where did the fighting between Suro and Boyo actually happen?
a.       In Suro's house
b.       In Boyo's house
c.       In Cumi’s house
d.       Somewhere in East Java

14.   This time Cumi's lies was so convincing that Boyo believed Cumi. (Paragraph 3)
The bold typed word means making someone ____.
a.       sad
b.       dissapointed

c.       happy
d.       certain

15.   But knowing that Boyo wouldn’t stop attacking him (Paragraph 5)
The underlined word refers to ____.
a.       Suro
b.       Boyo

c.       Cumi
d.       Suro and Boyo

16.   Look at the following notice!


It means that people ____.
a.       Must not keep the grass
b.       Must keep the grass in their yard
c.       Must not step on the grass
d.       Must step on the grass

Read the text to answer number 17 to 20


A unique entertainment awaits you
A special show starts at 3.30 p.m.
For an hour you will witness
Ø       Crocodiles cleaned up, pacified and persuaded round dance to music
Ø       A phyton grappling with a man, coiling round, trying to crush him, but defeated and help up hight.

Come all, come and see it now.
Gather at the poolside
You can visit our Ghost House later.


17.   At what time will the show end?
a.       5.00 p.m.
b.       4.30 p.m.

c.       4.00 p.m.
d.       3.45 p.m.

18.   What do you think the crowd will react when the snake grapples with a man?
a.       Clap their hands
b.       Leave the snake
c.       Shout at the man
d.       Hold their breath

19.   "Come all, come and see it now."
The underlined word refers to ____.
a.       The entertainment
b.       The ghost house
c.       The poolside
d.       The phyton

20.   What does the writer release the text?
a.       To gain attention.
b.       To persuade readers to see the entertainment.
c.       To entertain readers and friends with the entertainment.
d.       To retell the events shown by the entertainment.

Read the text to answer number 21 to 25.

Animals are almost extinct if their number is getting smaller. It means more animals become rare. One of them is Rhinoceros.
Rhinoceros is a large heavy mammal with a thick skin. The word rhinoceros is derived from greek. Rhino means nose and ceros means horns. Some Rhinoceros have two horns and others have one horn. These horns are not part of the body structure of the head. They don't have any bony core. They are pout growth of the skin.
Rhinoceros are herbivorous. They eat plant. They live in grassy areas or in a jungle. Rhinoceros spend most of their time in water. They usually live alone, except during the breeding Season. One of these rare rhinoceros is the Java rhinoceros. The Java Rhinoceros, the Soundaicus, is comparatively small and slender. It's about 1,7 meters high. The males have a single horn up to 10 inches (25 feet) length, and the female are usually hornless.
Formerly the Java Rhinoceros live in Myanmar , Indochina, the Malay Peninsula Java and Sumatera.  They are relatively scarce. People hunted them for their horns. We only find them in Ujung Kulon, West Java now. If we don't want the Java rhinoceros to be extinct, we must protect them; we must preserve their habitat. The law prohibits hunters to hunt them.

21.   The whole text tells us that ____.
a.       Rhino' s horn is special.
b.       We should protect the Rhinoceros by ignoring the law.
c.       Rhinoceros with their specific horns are almost extinct.
d.       People can find Rhinoceros in any jungles in Indonesia.

22.   Where do Rhinoceros like to spend their time better?
a.       Mostly in water
b.       Mostly in land
c.       Neither in water nor on land
d.       Both in water and on land

23.   “We must preserve their habitat.” (pangraph 4)
The word "preserve" in the sentence means ____.
a.       destroy
b.       save

c.       reduce
d.       experience

24.   What is paragraph 2 about?
a.       A heavy mammal with a thick skin
b.       The meaning of Rhinoceros
c.       The nose and horns of Rhinoceros
d.       The description of Rhinoceros
25.   The following sentences are true EXCEPT ____.
a.       Rhinoceros have a thick skin.
b.       Rhinoceros means nose and horns
c.       Rhinoceros live alone during the breeding season.
d.       Java Rhinoceros is about 1,7 meters high and have a single horn.

Read the letter and answer questions number 26 to 28.

Jl. Jendral Sudirman 34
February 4, 2008

      Dear Rahman,
      This is to introduce a friend of mine Robert Smithson from Australia. He just arrived in Indonesia a week ago. After having done some sight-seeing in Jakarta, he wanted to continue his trip to other parts of our country.
      Now he is visiting your home town because he wants to see the panorama of Dieng, I hope that you don't mind helping me to show him around since I cannot come here to accompany him myself due to the test that I will have to take this week.
      I'm Sure that you will be able to help him because I know that you can speak English well enough and have time for it.
Your close friend

26.   Who is Robert Smithson? He is ____.
a.       A tourist from Australia
b.       Rahman's English teacher
c.       An Australian living in Jakarta
d.       Gonzales' friend

27.   Gonzales asked Rahman to ____.
a.       Fetch Smithson in Jakarta
b.       Continue his trip to another parts of their country.
c.       Visit his home town and show him around
d.       Accompany Smithson to see Dieng.

28.   The word "panorama "in the text above has the same meaning as ____.
a.       Scenery
b.       Trip
c.       Holiday
d.       Excursion

Read the text to answer questions number 29 to 32.

                     Kamala and Ravi are going to Singapore for a holiday. They will join a tour conducted by Singa Tours Company
                     They have been given a programme for their tour. Read the programme below carefully.

Singapore Island Tour

Saturday        :     Leave Seremban 10.00 a.m. by bus. Arrive in Singapore at 3.00 p.m. Stay at the Centlal Circus Hotel.
Sunday           :     Visit the Science center, Jurong Bird Park. Enjoy a cool evening walk by the lake in Chinese Garden.
Monday          :     Visit Haw Par Villa, Trade center and Sentosa Island. Cable car Ride to Santosa Island
Tuesday         :     Visit Orchid Road, China town, Little India and Changi Alley for shopping.
Wednesday     :     Leave Singapore at 10.00 p.m. by bus. Arrive at Serembean at 3.00 p.m.

29.   What does the text about?
a.       Singapore city tour
b.       Tourist resorts in Singapore
c.       Planning for a holiday in Singapore
d.       One-day trip to Singapore

30.   Where may Kamala and Ravi do their shopping?
a.       Chinese Garden
b.       Changi Alley
c.       Haw Par Villa
d.       Central circus

31.   How long does it take from Seremban to Singapore?
a.       Three hours
b.       Five hours
c.       Seven hours
d.       Ten hours

32.   "They will join a tour conducted by … .
The word "conducted" means ____.
a.       organized
b.       designed
c.       programmed
d.       accompanied

Read the text and answer questions number 33 to 36.
The cheetah is sometimes called the hunting leopards but it is quite a distinct animal. The body is more slender and the legs are longer, while its coat has single spots, not rosettes. It reaches of just over 1 meter, with a tail about 75 centimeters long. Cheetahs live on open plain in Southern Africa. In India the cheetah is now extinct.
Cheetahs hunt alone or in a small group. They prey on small antelopes which they run down at a great speed. Over a short distance the cheetah is probably the fastest land animal, reaching speeds of more than 100 kilometers an hour .Unlike other cats, the cheetah cannot retract its claws into sheaths.

33.   What is cheetah ?
a.       A distinct animal
b.       The hunting leopard
c.       A small anatelope
d.       A tame animal

34.   How is the body of a cheetah?
a.       Quite more slender
b.       Longer
c.       It is 75 centimeters long
d.       Not slender

35.   What family does cheetah belong to?
a.       Cat
b.       Tiger
c.       Lion
d.       Mammals

36.   They prey on small antelopes which they … .
The underlined word refers to ____.
a.       Antelopes
b.       Small groups
c.       Animals
d.       Cheetahs
37.   Reed the data below!
Rp 540.000,00
Rp 4.500.000,00
Rp 5.400.000,00

From the data we can conclude that ____.
a.       The laptop is cheaper than the computer
b.       The computer is more expensive than the laptop
c.       The printer is the cheapest of all
d.       The printer is the most expensive

38.   Arrange the following words to make a correct sentence
a.       3 – 6 – 1 – 8 – 2 – 9 – 7 – 4 – 5
b.       3 – 6 – 7 – 9 – 8 – 4 – 5 – 2 – 1
c.       3 – 6 – 8 – 2 – 9 – 7 – 4 – 5 – 1
d.       3 – 6 – 8 – 4 – 5 – 9 – 7 – 2 – 1

Read the card below and answer questions number 38 and 39.

Dear Ronald.
I want you to come to my house for dinner on Saturday at 7 p.m.


39.   When does Blagaich hope Ronald to come to his house?
a.       In the morning
b.       In the afternoon
c.       In the evening
d.       In the middle of the night

40.   From the invitation card above, we know that Ronald is Blagaich's ____.
a.       father
b.       teacher
c.       grand father
d.       close friend

Chose the right words in number 41 to 45.

What is the ocean? It is a great  of water. It surrounds the land masses of the earth. It is the  part of the sea. If we talk about the ocean we usually think of its largeness and depth. They make people  to cross them.
There are four main oceans in the world. They are the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic Oceans. Some time ago they  the limits of people's knowledge of the world. People were afraid to sail out into the ocean  no one knew what might be waiting for them there.

41.   a.   land
  1. body
  2. place
  3. deal
42.   a.   deep
  1. deeper
  2. deepest
  3. depth

43.   a.   happy
  1. confused
  2. frightened
  3. excited

44.   a.   is
  1. are
  2. was
  3. were

45.   a.   although
  1. because
  2. cause
  3. but

Read the letter and answer questions number 46 to 48.

Dear Phattony,
                    We' re spending a week at a resort on the coast. There are lots of plastic donkeys and silly hats in the shops. It's really a touristy place. I think it's a horrible place. I rode a bike on Monday, but fell off and hurt my leg. I wanted to try waterskiing or windsurfing, but I couldn't.
                    Yesterday, Mum and Dad just lay on the beach sunbathing all morning. Then we have a picnic, but it was too hot and there were lots of fillies. I wanted to go on boat trip in the afternoon, but we went sight seeing instead. They took a lots of photos, but I thought it was really boring. Even the weather’s boring: it’s just sunny the whole time.
I can't wait to pack my bag and go home.
Your faithfully,


46.   The text is about ____.
a.       Holiday at a touristy resort
b.       Activities at the beach
c.       Enjoyment of his holiday
d.       Boat trip to the tourist resort

47.   In Ramadhan’s opinon, what's the resort like?
a.       Silly
b.       Nice
c.       Sunny
d.       Horrible

48.   Which is NOT TRUE about Ramadhan based on the text?
a.       He wrote the letter from the touristy place
b.       He fell off the bike and hurt himself
c.       His parents took a lot of photos
d.       He really enjoyed his holiday

Read the text and answer questions number 49 and 50.

The bank where Desi works is big enough. It has more than two hundred employees. The bank always satisfies the customers. Whoever comes there, the bank considers him/her as a king. The best service is really paid attention by all the employees. The security always asks the customers’ need. He politely accompanies them to the employee they want to meet.

49.   What does the text tell us about?
a.       The bank has bad service
b.       The security works happily
c.       How the bank satisfies the customers
d.       The employees want to meet people

50.   Which is the correct statement according to passage above?
a.       Desi is a customer
b.       The total employees are 200
c.       The security is helpless
d.       The employees give the best service

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